NUSTians get wired, through n-wired !

Now students of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) can avail a smart phone application named n-wired for staying up-to-date with on campus activities. Students can stay tuned with the upcoming events of societies, clubs and other co-curricular activities at NUST. As societies and clubs are posting instant updates to their followers’ smart phones through this application.

n-wired is developed by two students of NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science as “a societies portal for NUSTians”. The developers said that they felt the need to develop such an application, because they had been continuously observing, that despite of joining social networks sometimes students miss important announcements.

A screenshot of n-wired, a smart phone app for NUSTians
A screenshot of n-wired

Application has certain awesome features like student can create and manage the list of upcoming events of interest and can set certain reminders. And society/club admin can view the statistics of their events. The app has landed at Google Play Store and has very good reviews of users so far. So if you are NUSTian then its your moment of experiencing it. Click on the image below for the Google Play Store location of n-wired!


n-wired a smart phone application for NUSTians
n-wired – – Lets Get Wired!



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