NUST: First Pakistani University to get International Academic Integrity Award from Turnitin

National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad wins International Academic Integrity Award from turnitin, it is important to mention here that NUST is the only University of Pakistan wining this award. This award speaks itself, about the serious efforts of students and faculty of NUST against plagiarism (copy/paste) culture. And proves that University’s research community has been successful in conducting the anti-plagiarism policy.

turnitin Academic Integrity Award for NUST
turnitin Academic Integrity Award for NUST

What is Plagiarism?

Simply speaking, plagiarism is the act of taking someone’s work (idea, thoughts, words etc.) and presenting it as one’s own work. It’s like stealing someone’s work and portraying as your own. So plagiarism is a fraudulent activity.

What is turnitin?

turnitin is global leader in evaluating research writings. It is being used by more than 15000 Higher Education Institutes world wide. Verifying the work of more than 30 million students, researchers and innovators. It is basically a software package used for the assessment of writings (research articles, journal publications, white papers etc.) against plagiarism.

HEC Plagiarism Policy

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan respects the creative academic work and research contributions of Pakistani Higher Education Community. Therefore, HEC stands strictly against plagiarism cases and has designed a plagiarism policy in this regard. Policy states all kinds of plagiarism cases and resulting penalties clearly. And also formulates a “Plagiarism Standing Committee” to deal with such cases.



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