Fall 2017 Admissions at LUMS

Admissions at LUMS

Admissions for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level programs are open at LUMS for Fall 2017 session.

Admission Process

Select your discipline (wisely)

LUMS offer versatile choices of paths at all levels. Candidates can select course of their appetite and preference.

List of courses offered:

  • BA (Honours) English
  • BA (Honours) History
  • BA-LL.B (Honours)
  • BS Biology
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Mathematics

  • BS Physics
  • BSc (Honours) Accounting and Finance,
  • BSc (Honours) Anthropology and Sociology
  • BSc (Honours) Economics and Politics
  • BSc (Honours) Management Science
  • BSc (Honours) Political Science
  • BSc Economics
  • Economics and Mathematics (Joint Major)

  • Executive MBA
  • MBA
  • MS Biology
  • MS Chemistry
  • MS Computer Science

  • MS Economics
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Physics

  • PhD Biology
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Management
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Physics

Read Admission criteria & know critical dates

Knowledge of admission rules in general and criteria for each discipline is essential, as missing any minute detail or skipping any critical deadline by slight margin might limit your chances of admission. So, read Admission Policy carefully and make mark of Critical dates.

Apply online & Take Admission Test

The most fundamental step is to formally apply for admission. All applications are required to be filled online as no paper application is acceptable. Candidates are required to make an account on LUMS Online Application System. Using this account candidates can fill in application forms, upload their required documents / transcripts / test scores etc.
List of tests required for different disciplines can be seen here.

Here is a beautiful video that will guide you about complete admission process.

Best of luck!

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