Lahore Sceince Mela 2017

Lahore Science Mela 2017

A first of its kind Mela (Fair), Lahore Science Mela 2017 is going to be held soon. If you are enthusiast about science, if your brain gets flooded with a lot of questions, if there lies a quest inside you about unlocking the mysteries of universe, then get ready to have some socio-scientific fun at Lahore Science Mela, no matter who you are!! yes you’ve just read it write. Because Lahore Science Mela is really going to be first of its kind in Pakistan by catering a diverse range of audience. It is open for students from schools, colleges and universities. And its diversity doesn’t end here! it is open for the preschool kids, and even to a lay man who never attended any formal education but is a general enthusiast about science.

It is going to present science as a general curiosity, as a quest which can urge even a rural household woman to experiment something with her cooking ingredients and even as a entertainment. It is going to eradicate the concept that science is only for those smart brains who are going to be some good professionals in the future. And It will be helpful in building the concept of science as a fun activity in school and college students who think science is a boring, tough thing to learn for getting good grades. Putting in a nutshell, Lahore Science Mela is going to change the way you take science.!!

How to Join it

This event can be attended in various ways, you can join this fun effort as an exhibitor, volunteer and as a sponsor.

To join it as an exhibitor,  get details and fill out a form here.

To join it as a sponsor, get details and fill out a form here.

To join as volunteer, get details and fill out a form here.

When & Where

It is going to be held at Ali Institute of Education Lahore on January 28 & 29, 2017.

Organizers behind this grand Mela

Chief organizers are Ali Institute of Education (AIE) and The Khwarzimi Science Society (KSS). 

Core Team behind Lahore Science Mela 2017

A team of young and dedicated persons is busy behind Lahore Science Mela 2017, putting there utmost efforts in making it successful and beneficial for such a diverse kind of audience. Have a brief introduction of team here.

Fatima Anis

  • Final Year Student of Product and Industrial Design at University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore.
  • Founder at Bee Graphics
  • Chief Designer at XNews UET ( a news portal by studentsof UET)

Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

  • Associate Professor of Physics at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).
  • General Secretary at Khwarzmi Science Society (KSS).
  • Post-Doc, University of California, Berkeley.
  • PhD, Oxford University.

Dr. Saadat Anwar Siddiqui

  • Former Prof. and Director at Centre for Solid State Physics at Punjab University Lahore.
  • Founder and president at Khwarzimi Science Society (KSS).
  • Currently working in Biomedical Materials Research at COMSATS Lahore.

Hamza Waseem

  • Head Editor Physics at International Young Scientists Journal.
  • Co-Head at Research and Innovation Wing of UET Science Society.
  • Chief-Editor annual magazine IET, UET Chapter.
  • Second Year Student at Electrical Engineering Department UET Lahore.

Dr. Muhammad Hamid Zaman

  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering and International Health at Boston University.
  • PhD from the University of Chicago in Physical Chemistry.
  • He is currently engaged in biomedical engineering departments at universities in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia.
  • Column Writer on innovation in health and education for Pakistan Daily Express Tribune.


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