ITU offering a Unique kind of MBA Program

Information Technology University, Lahore was established in the year 2012. This university was established with the aim of promoting quality education in the areas of technology and engineering. And developing an innovative culture was prime concern of this institution. And within few years, Information Technology University (ITU) has truly proved itself as an icon in the field of Computer Sciences & Electrical Engineering. Moreover, University focuses on research and innovation as two main ingredients in the programs offered.

Another badge at the profile of ITU is its vision to emulate the success of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Launch of MIT Technology Review Pakistan is a great step in this regard. ITU has a strong collaboration with industry professionals, hence academia is linked with industry at ITU in a true sense. University has many in-house start-up incubators to engage students in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (EMBITE)

ITU is offering a unique kind of EMBA program i.e. Executive MBA in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. This is being offered for the first time in Pakistan. And ITU has established a partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum (MITEF), United States, for the conduct of this plan. MITEF has collaborated to offer some modules of the program. The program specially attracts those who are interested in establishing their own business or start-up.

Uniqueness of the program

EMBITE’s has a message i.e. “The Application of Technology to Business and Business to Technology”. Program is designed to urge candidate to come up with an idea, bring it into existence, experiment with it in during the course of two to three years and finally have it as a finished product. Candidate may collaborate further with EMBITE in order to gain more benefits. Degree will be offered by ITU and certificates by EMBITE. Program invites persons who are in employment or in the course of launching their own business idea.

Necessary Note takings

Eligibility Criteria

(16 years of education) OR (14 years of education and 2 years of work experience).

Program Duration

A minimum of two years and a maximum of three years.

Program Schedule

EMBITE is designed to have a two years plan comprising 72 credit hours. These 72 credit ours has been divided among 22 courses and one project. Time allocation is 18 months for course work and six months for project. Classes will be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays.  Overall, there are 4 semesters.

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is Rs 300,000/- a year. Fee will be payable at the start of each semester and students are facilitated to submit it in three installments during semester.  ITU is offering 50 percent discount for govt. employees and to those who are in armed services.

If all this sounds amazing to you, and if start-up ideas keep thrilling you, then take a decision and apply here.



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