Check out these images here and witness these wonders at Lahore science Mela

Lahore Science Mela (LSM) is going to be the biggest breakthrough of the year 2017 in the field of science and technology. In one of our previous articles we introduced our subscribers and visitors with LSM and in another one we told about the preparations that gained momentum for the success of LSM.

Now here look at these images and don’t stop here if you are really a science hero! Go, witness them all at Lahore Science Mela which is being held on January 28-29 , 2017 at Ali Institute of Education Lahore. These performances are going to enlighten your brain and fuel up that “scientist corner” of your mind in quite a fantastic way!

Note: All these images have been taken from Lahore Science Mela website.

P.S: The event is open to all.

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