Tips and tricks to create effective PowerPoint presentation

Delivering a PowerPoint presentation today? Oh No!!! Not another boring PowerPoint again… do you know how much it sucks to be the audience of a forcefully drawn-out slideshows? It feels the worst!!! not only to audience but also make a poor victim out of the one delivering it. So check out some hacks to add zing to your upcoming presentation and amaze your listeners.

Plan before you proceed

As a famous quote goes, if you are about to cut a tree and have 4 hours to do so spend 3 hours in sharpening your axe and use 4th to cut the tree. Similarly planning is the most crucial part in any presentation.

  1. Write a script do not just jump and begin to read from the slides, plan a proper script for yourself and keep it beside.
  2. Know your place well, reach before time and take enough time to make yourself comfortable and pre set and test all your equipment and script and make any changes if required.
  3. Ample practice is what makes you confident and deliver your points effectively.
  4. Have a firm grip on your topic you should know what you intend to say unless you are an expert at improvising.

Presentation Structure

  1. Introduction slide normally includes Title, presenter intro and date etc.
  2. Begin with a story, this will catch-up your audience attention from the very beginning.
  3. Outline slides, give an overview of the whole idea you are about to elaborate.
  4. Content slides, use minimal text like not more than 6 words on a slide and avoid long paragraphs rather utilize powerful and professional visuals to display what you’re trying to convey.
  5. Leave time for Q and A in the end or in between if required.
  6. Final summary and conclusion, do not forget to conclude your presentation leaving a lasting mark and powerful lesson for your audience.

Design Hacks

  1. Pay attention to your design and colors.
  2. Use a consistent background.
  3. Look at every slide like an advertisement.
  4. Avoid unnecessary animations.
  5. Employ User- friendly font design and size.
  6. Inset short audios and videos to leave a lasting impact.

General Hacks

  1. Make Eye contact.
  2. Keep your posture upright but natural.
  3. Improvise and do not read.
  4. Modulate your tone.
  5. Stay prepared to deliver your talk without PowerPoint.





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