Learn to make money with Bitcoin Training at Inventhub, Arfa Software Technology Park

We all want to make money, we all want to get rich. We do many things, undertake many projects, risk our resources, invest our time, face failures, and forgo our rest only for this thing, MONEY. *-*

What is this hype about? What are cryptocurrencies? What is mining? What is trading? How can we earn through Bitcoin at home? All this stuff is going to be discussed at Arfa Software Technology Park.

A two day workshop is going to be held at Inventhub, which is an IT Business Professional training Institute.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Trading all topics are going to be covered under this two day event. This type of training is going to be held for the first time in Pakistan.

The registration fee is Rs. 3000/- PKR.

Dates are 25th and 26th August, 2017.

Timings are from 05.00 pm till 08.00 pm.

Venue: Room no. 8, Plan X, 9th Floor, Arfa Software Technology Park.

Register now at https://diygeeks.org/bitcoin-training/.

In this event, everything will be covered from Bitcoin Basics to Converting your money from dollars to PKR. So hurry up and learn new ways to earn by availing this wonderful opportunity. 🙂

Usama Khalid

I am a graduate in Business Administration and professionally an Insurance Plan Advisor. I love writing about higher education matters as a leisure job. I love diversity in work. Glad to see you here! you can seek my advice in the comments section below on this particular higher education issue or on else presented and reported by me here on NoticeBoard.

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