China is opening door to Pakistanis for Talented Young Scientist Program

Talented Young Scientist Program (TYSP) invites scientists, scholars and researchers from Afro-Asian countries to work in Chinese research institutes, universities or enterprises. TYSP aims to improve and promote a collaborative research and development culture in the region. Ministry of Science & Technology Pakistan endorses applications of Pakistani applicants for TYSP.

Perks of Joining TYSP

  • Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST hereinafter) will provide each scientist with RMB ¬•12500 per month for accommodation, insurance and other living expenditure during the program.
  • For now there’s no deadline. Scientists can apply at any time.
  • You can seek job/fellowship according to your research/work interests. For this you will be hunting for openings here under TYSP terms and conditions.

Eligibility for TYSP

  • Five years of research experience or with a doctoral degree.
  • Fluency in English or Chinese.
  • Undertake to comply with laws, regulations and other related rules in China.
  • Full-time job in domestic country.

Application Process

Detailed application process is available here. Letter of consent, application form and recommendation form can be downloaded here.




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