QS Rankings are out check Top 10 Universities of Asia

Last year 350 universities appeared in QS Asian University Rankings, this year this list has been extended to house 450 top universities in Asia. With the world turning into a global village since from the birth of internet and World Wide Web, there is a remarkable change in higher education trends world wide. And like other regions across the globe, now Pakistani students are also more inclined towards studying abroad. These new trends demand us to keep an eye on rankings of different universities world wide. And QS Top Universities have gained an iconic fame in providing university rankings based on variety of parameters each year.

Pakistani students, though they now travel almost any corner of the world to get their higher education degree, but, being Asians are naturally more inclined towards keeping an eye on the university rankings of their own region. So here comes the QS Top University Rankings of Asia Region for year 2018. And like before these rankings are based on almost 10 prime parameters, few of which are, number of PhD faculty members, research profile of university, number of inbound and outbound students etc.

  1. Nanyang Technological University   
  2. National University of Singapore 
  3. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
  4. Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology
  5. University of Hong Kong
  6. Tsinghua University
  7. Fudan University
  8. City University of Hong Kong
  9. Peking University
  10. The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


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