III International Chemistry Conference-2018

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III International Chemistry Conference-2018

Chemistry as a science is progressing day by day. All around the world, there are scientists and analytics that are working day and night to promote this science. Similarly, Speers Chemical Society is working hard to promote pharmaceuticals sciences. This is the main reason behind the III International Chemistry Conference. This society organizes events to create awareness about the importance of chemistry in daily life and promote the knowledge of chemistry among students.

It arranges lectures by renowned scientists, holds exhibitions and seminars, and conducts visits to different chemical industries. Its members participate in quiz competitions and inter-university competitions. These students are also involved in various research activities in chemistry. This research is under the guidance of the highly qualified Chemistry Department faculty.

What is III International Chemistry Conference?

This conference aims to provide a platform for national and international researchers to discuss and share their latest research work.
It also provides an opportunity for students, industrial chemists, pharmacists, and researchers from around the world to meet and come together for broader collaboration in areas of common interest while exchanging their latest ideas and views.
You can be the one and attain this beautiful opportunity to join the conference. The conference will take place on 17-19th of January 2018 at Forman Christian College Lahore.
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