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3rd Convocation of HITEC University of Taxila

HITEC University of Taxila
HITEC University of Taxila was established in 2007 by the HIT Education Welfare Trust. It was established with a vision to be a bastion of academic excellence and citadel of ideological moorings, national integration, and socio-religious values. The University was granted Charter by the Government of Punjab in 2009. It is encouraging that the University has steadily grown in stature, earned recognition and acquired a prestigious place in higher education sector due to the commitment, dedication and unstinted hard work of the faculty and staff of the University.

3rd Convocation Ceremony

HITEC University will proudly conduct the 3rd Convocation ceremony on 29th of January 2018. This event will award the graduate students and display great honor on them. This event will be properly organized in Jinnah Convocation center Islamabad. The graduate class of February 17, 2016- December 30, 2017, will be awarded in this ceremony.

Students are invited for registration before the full dress rehearsal that will take place on 28 Jan 2018. The convocation will take place on 29th of January. It is mandatory to register and attend the full dress rehearsal in the Jinnah convocation center.

For more info visit

Call: 051-49018146-49   051-4908144




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