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Upgrade your 2 year degree now!

Upgrade your degree with GCU Lahore’s Management study department.
Management Studies Department, Government College University, Lahore is giving the edge to the students with two year graduation degree by converting it in a solid “Four Years Honors Business” degree.
We all know that the trends in Pakistan regarding education are changing swiftly. If there is a case of two year graduation degree (BSc, BA, etc.), we all know that there remains no worth of these. So, GCU, Management Studies Department, Lahore has undertaken to fill the gap to convert this two year degree into a four year honors (Baccalaureate) degree in Business studies.

The name of the degree is “B.Sc. (Hons.) Applied Management.”
The salient features of this degree are:
• Paid work-based training
• International Semester (Optional)
• Skill Building team
• Strong Industry-Academia Linkage
• Experienced and Internationally Qualified Faculty
• Small Class size & personalized Mentoring.
The students meeting eligibility must have:
• A two year Graduation degree OR Equivalent Certification
• Minimum 2nd Division OR 2.3 CGPA
• Credit transfers are accepted
• Applicants with work experience are encouraged to apply
• Result awaiting students can apply.
The process that will be followed is:
• Send an SMS to 0335-4530502 (with your name, interest (here you must write your 2 year degree i.e. B.Sc. or BA) and email address)
• Applicants must apply online through the university website:
• Appear in GCUMAT/GMAT & Panel Interview
• The students who will qualify the above steps will be offered for admission.
The most important Deadlines
• Application Deadline: July 17th, 2017.
• GCUMAT: July 22nd, 2017.
So people, don’t wait for any opportunity in the future but avail this for this is the best.

Most Important (Open House Session):
Open house session will be conducted for the detailed information about this program, on 4th of July 2017, at 11.30 am Sharp, and its Venue is Faiz Hall, G. C. University, Lahore.
For further information:
Phone: +92 42 99213351
UAN: 111 000 010 (Ext: 289 , 287)
GC University Katchery Road, Lahore.
Tags: GC University Lahore, Management Studies Department, B.Sc. Hons. Applied Management, GCUMAT, GMAT.

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