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About Us is a team of dedicated persons who are busy in providing you a knowledgeable coverage of what is happening around at the universities of Pakistan.

At we aim to serve the higher education community of Pakistan by providing them a wide coverage of news related to all renowned Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan at a single platform. displays information about admissions, scholarships, competitions, career fairs, educational exhibitions, university & inter-university competitions, study abroad news and much more!!

And even more is on the way!!

Now you may be wondering that, “mmm….do we need each other, then?

So here is the answer, if you are a college/university student, teacher, educationist, socio-academic geek or any common person having interest in looking inside the higher education sector of Pakistan, surely, we and you share a strong bond..!!

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Higher education track of the present day is far much different from the higher education system of the past. Now when the whole library of your university is available in your smart phone just a click away, and most of you join your institute’s social media presence to get updates about what is happening at the campus, the story doesn’t end here!! Because the higher education system of today demands for more, there is a strong need to keep an eye on what is happening around in similar degree programs at the other institutions of not only your own country but across the globe.

As we live in a global village era, so a bright career surely awaits you if you keep a competitive pace with the world around you!


So keep noticing!