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9th Annual Research Day at Dow University-2018

9th Annual Research Day 2018

The Department of Research at Dow University has proudly announced a Research Poster Competition on the 9th Annual Research Day 2018. Research Department introduced this opportunity for all the students and faculty members of Health Sciences Institutions of Sindh. The Department of Research has started accepting abstracts for the annual research day. DOW University has brought forward a great opportunity for all those students and faculty members that are looking to present their research work. The university will orally present top rated abstracts chosen by a team of officials and professors.

Annual Research Day Poster Competition

The Research poster competition will take place on the 9th Annual Research Day 2018. Students are requested to submit their abstract until 10th of January 2018. The Annual Research Day will take place on Saturday 24th of February 2018. Students can submit posters made on their research.

Pre-Research Day Workshop

The DOW University has organized a pre-research day workshop on 21-22nd February 2018. This workshop will educate attendees on Data Analysis, SPSS, SAS, epi-data, sample size calculation, developing questionnaires, endnote for referencing, designing research posters and much more.

This workshop is organized to not only educate students on these particulars but to tackle these problems in professional lives. The attendees can buy a 500 Rs/- ticket for attending the pre-research day workshop.

For more, information visit the website

Phone: 021-38771000, Ext: 5503-4

Forms for online abstract submission for students 

Forms for online abstract submission for faculty members

Pre-research day workshop forms



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