Anyone who is currently enrolled in a university /college campus in Pakistan can become a campus scout under noticeboard.

As a campus scout you will be voluntarily taking following responsibilities.

  • You will be answering the queries of people regarding your university/college.
  • You will voluntarily provide sufficient and authentic information about your university to the people, who will reach you from the platform of noticeboard. People reaching you may have certain queries regarding admissions, fee structure, hostel accommodation, university environment and progress etc.

In most of the cases our volunteer campus scouts tend to have a general knowledge of what general information people ask them about their university. In rest of the cases (when they don’t know) they try to get the information from concerned bodies/resources at their university. In case they are unable to gain particular information for some reason, they are not considered accountable to people or to noticeboard.

We display profiles of all our campus scouts on our website containing their names, social media links, and their contacts. People can take your contact from there.

To be a campus scout, the very first thing you will need to do is filling this form. After that, You will be hearing from us shortly.

Once we receive your request to be a campus scout (through the form you submitted) we will proceed by contacting you back through the contact you provided via Be A Campus Scout form.

We expect you to be a responsible personality and provide correct information and answers to people’s queries regarding categories covered by noticeboard.

Becoming a campus scout helps you establish social links. Moreover, Social welfare is self rewarding. Also we are working on some plans for our campus scouts. We will disclose soon.

No! It is 100% volunteer work.

It will be displayed on our website.

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