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Biggest I.T event of Pakistan SOFTEC’17 is on way!


With a history and legacy of 21 years, Softec has become a tradition at FAST-NU. It is the biggest event of IT in the region. With its variety of platforms it welcomes 1200+ participants each year. Softec arranges technical competitions, exhibitions, conferences and social events.

Date: 11-12 march, 2017

Venue: FAST- NU Lahore.

How to apply: Register here!

Competitions @ Softec 17

  1. Web Development
  2. Software Competition
  3. Belal Hashmi Programming Competition
  4. Robo Rumble
  5. Ideas Xtreme
  6. Gaming Competition
  7. Engineering Project Competition
  8. Graphic Designing Competition
  9. Softec- IER
  10. App Development Competition

Exhibitions @ Softec 17

  1. Software House Enclosure
  2. I.T. Conferences
  3. Software Exhibition
  4. Engineering Project Exhibition

How to register

You can register your team here.

You can register as a volunteer here.

You can be an ambassador of the event as well, check details here.

Check payment and accommodation details here.






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