How to make your first CV

making your first CV
Are you looking for your first job after graduation, but bewildered what to write in your CV as lack of experience might leave your CV rejected? If you haven’t fetched real time experience then it seems ... read more
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Skills to work on during university life

It may sound ideal to have a graduation degree with your desired major and the field you want to pursue your career in but once you step out of your college you realize the world out there is too tough and ... read more
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Top 5 tips to survive university life

Feeling overwhelmed about new beginning in the university? Keeping the fact that freshman year in the university is enormously different from college life and also the academic rigors offered in the ... read more
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Top 5 tips to survive in semester system

Entry to the university life can be incredibly stressful as it involves complete transition to an entirely different system where majority of students often feel stuck and therefore this twist turns out to ... read more
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