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Chief Minister Punjab Scheme for Chinese Language Scholarships

Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is sending 500 talented persons to China in order to learn Chinese language, on fully funded scholarships for a span of two years. Plan is extendable to four years, depending upon the successful completion of this initial plan. A minimum of 14 years of education in any subject is required. In 2015, a batch of 66 successful scholarship awardees has already joined the two year plan at a leading University in China. And remaining 434 persons will be selected in second batch. Application deadline is June 07, 2016 and interested persons may apply here. It has been mentioned in the plan that high achievers of this plan will get assurance of placement on their return back to Pakistan.

Chinese Language Scholarships Scheme

The scheme is aimed at adding another successful chapter in Pak China friendship, moreover, it will be beneficial in the context of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.


1 thought on “Chief Minister Punjab Scheme for Chinese Language Scholarships”

  1. Well, it’s really an appreciative step that you have taken CM but that’s not fair that scholarship for Chinese language is only for the age group 22 – 24..!!!!
    what about them? who are in their late twenties??
    Are they incompetent and entitled or what???

    There must be an equal opportunity for the age group 25 – 30 and the people having 16 or 18 years of education age group 30 – 35

    Mr. CM You are well aware of the employment issue prevailing in our country where intelligence and has nothing to with their well attained, excellent scored high degree in fact, all it has to do with their matriculation and intermediate track record (pathetic)..!!

    Do needful for the people who got brain not just the titles..!!!!!

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