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ERUPT ’16 Finale


Finally ERUPT ’16 is approaching its finale to be held on December 15th, 2016 at Arfa Software Technology Park – a first of its kind, student-based venture by Plan9 Careem.

The voyage started in October when candidates submitted their application proposals. Applicants from 15 educational institutes participated in evaluation process that included a 2 minute elevator pitch speech, business plan training and business plan presentation. Honorable judges conducted a short Question Answer session to further evaluate concepts.

Here is a list of proposals selected as Champions from respective universities:

  1. (LUMS)
  2. The Support Group (UMT)
  3. Stockspot (FAST)
  4. Portable Telly Medicine (COMSATS)
  5. Journal Post (BNU)
  6. Aquaintine (IBAPU)
  7. EyeAutomate (Superior University)
  8. MedMe (ITU)
  9. Morrell’s Data (UCP)

And additionally following got a Wild Card entry:

  1. Track & Drop (ITU)
  2. No Stains Attached (LUMS)
  3. PaltooPK (COMSATS)

Accordingly, in total 12 Champions are going to compete for the grand finale to select one winner.

Interested to witness the finale? Here is the Facebook event page.

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