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Come & Join Festivasia at University of South Asia-2018


University of South Asia’s annual multi-category event, Festivasia. After the great hit of the first edition, University of South Asia (USA) Lahore has organized the second edition. A great opportunity to showcase your talent and win different rewards in the tournament. This year, we are offering 19 different competitions, revolving around the surprising theme. This event will be hosting 19 competitions like tug of war, singing, badminton, cricket, table tennis, standup comedy etc.

You have to register online for each and every competition. Every competition has a different registration fee and forms which reasonable. Participants are encouraged to bring their kit for the tournament. A panel of judges will provide the rules of the competition and will choose the winners. This knockout tournament will take place on the 12th at the USA Lahore. Join the tournament and win exciting prizes.

FestivAsia is now in its second edition and is all ready to take place Feb 12 – Feb 17, 2018.

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