First ever technology festival in Pakistan-The MIX

Living in a society is inadequate until the society recognizes your inner talents. The talents you were born with, the parts of you that are unseen by you yourself, The MIX is an opportunity for those rising stars of our country that have lacked a platform in a long time. For the first time, a group of entrepreneurs at PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) have dedicated their time and energy to follow a vision of a man who has been working hard to bring change in our technological society. The vision of Dr. Umar Saif that has helped them to power the soul of MIX.


The MIX is the first-ever technology based gathering taking place in Pakistan. The MIX is all about tech, food, culture, and music. You can be anyone from any part of life, The MIX invites you all together to join them on a path that will be helpful in building your future in this country.

The MIX is based all on you and your choices, you can book a food stall, come enjoy the lifestyle, be an entrepreneur, an avid gamer, a bookworm, artist, a local or international musician, in reality, you can be yourself around them.


The event organizers call upon the people of Lahore and all around the Country to come join them in the making of history. This two-day event will feature concerts, food stalls, artist exhibitions, digital arts, talks, discussions and much more. This event will be taking place in Alhamra Cultural Arts Complex Qadaffi.


For tickets: 

Or you can get yourself registered at their official site here, and its going to cost you PKR. 250/– only.

For booking stalls: Instagram @themixpakistan, Twitter @themixpakistan


The event will take place on 11-12 November 2017.


Alhamra Cultural Arts Complex Qadaffi

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