Five tips that are going to be your secret tool for ECAT preparation!

ECAT preparatrion tips

Engineering Colleges Entry Test (ECAT) is well known in Pakistan for getting admission in all public sector and some private sector Engineering Colleges & Universities. ECAT is conducted every year in Pakistan by University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Punjab. And truly speaking, without any exaggeration, every year the ghost of ECAT remains on the nerves of students and even their parents are pretty much concerned when mothers can be seen praying in front of the exam centers praying openly for the success of their son/daughter in the “battlefield” of ECAT. Because every year more than 45000 candidates appear in ECAT while total seats in all public sector Engineering Institutes are around 3000. So, no doubt, it becomes really challenging to secure seat in one of the Engineering Institutes.

No matter, you are preparing for ECAT at home, or you have joined some test preparation center, following tips are going to be your ECAT guide this year!

Master the Textbooks

It is for sure, that Multiple Choice Questions for ECAT are designed every year from textbooks of intermediate syllabus and only from textbooks except English. Drop attention from the gossips which convey that some kind of extra material is needed for preparation. As you know ECAT has four sections Physics, Mathematics, English and Chemistry, while Chemistry is replaced by optional subject (for example Computer Science) if you haven’t opted for Chemistry in Intermediate. Now pick your books of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/Optional Subject and leave no corner of them untouched while preparing for ECAT.

Clear Concepts play vital role

Yes, and you may have observed it that your fellows who are more clear in their concepts are going way better. Wrong is the saying that you can get good grades in ECAT also by mere memorizing the stuff you are not clear about.

And if you are worrying that its too late for getting concept clear. No, its never too late, mark the areas of your book or make a list of topics where you are lagging behind in concepts and try to get them clear one by one. Specially take great care of Physics part 1 and 2, and Chemistry part 1.

Highlight in three or two colors

This technique worked for many students! Its actual a revision tool. Take two or three highlighters. Only you know what areas are your weak point as revision point. Now you may even further classify them in two to three levels with the help of two to three colors. Say, for example one may categorize like following

  • The very last day/moment points.( Red)
  • Very important points and I need to revise them badly.(Yellow)
  • Important points and I need to a look at them less likely.(Green)

You may have a customized classification of your own and colors are a matter of choice. So you may tune this tool according to your needs. But once you have marked your textbooks in such a way, you will enjoy your revision time, specially last day revision time a lot. And don’t bother about the look of your books, be confident that you wont have to reuse them 😛

ECAT is game of time basically

More than 45000 students and many of them with good grades in board exam, most of them well prepared for ECAT, then no doubt its the battle of time as well. So getting your right option ticked only won’t lead you to success stage, but getting it ticked in right time will do that. Here I must write a tip that worked for many students. In your first go, it is NOT necessary to mark every question, rather mark those you are pretty sure about, in fact don’t even take a single “thinking pause” on any question, and do the same with every section. In the second go deal with those who require a little brain of yours, even now leave for those who will trap you for minutes!! its alarming, you may loose the game just because of time. However in third and most probably last go deal with those leftover monsters.

Tune your nerves

You may have seen many smart geeks around, who best control their nerves no matter what!! and just because of this they out perform. Yes, this ECAT is a battle of nerves as well. So don’t panic, specially don’t get panic at those few questions that are teasing your brains as in such a way they also eat up time. Better be concerned about those questions which you can answer very easily. The more fresh and controlled the brain, the more good performance.



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