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Freelancing, internship & many more opportunities at TechHub Connect

If you are a freelancer and searching for a co-working space with most efficient and competent co-workers, TechHub Connect is the place for you. It’s an amazing opportunity for all specially struggling freelancers, fresh entrepreneurs and even for businesspersons still lagging behind due to any reason and looking for added resources along with constant guidance. TechHub Connect is an effervescent place where competent professionals join together to create an environment of convenience and proficiency for all those striving to transform their viable ideas into established business. They offer you three options to get associated with them and be at an advantageous position at no cost. One might join TechHub Connect as a freelancer, as a management fellow or as a freelancing workshop.


Co-working space for freelancers is a brilliant center where finest freelancers from all over Pakistan come together and utilize the facilities like comfortable working space, all utilities like endless power supply, internet, air conditioned working area and an interactive community to nurture and polish your innovative ideas and transform them into business wonders. All are invited to join TechHub Connects freelancing space as IT Professional, designer, developer, feelancer, writer or any business holder to use their resources and work mutually to create a brighter future.

Management Fellow

TechHub Connct Fellow program is an internship program for fresher and students who want to renovate their learned knowledge and skills into professional competencies. Here students get the opportunity to work under direct supervision of the in-house competent management in order to enhance and polish their skills. For now students can opt for any of the domains among operations, photography, IT Policy, Social marketing, and content writing.

Freelancing Workshop

Freelancing life is inevitably unpredictable and to cope with this unpredictability Freelancing workshops is the option for you where professionals examine the common challenges prevailing in freelancing life and design strategies and tips for those facing any kind of hindrances and help them becoming an effective and efficient versions of freelancers. It’s an awesome initiative for all those looking to earn online weather as a starter or those facing challenges. These programs cover he whole process starting from zero to developing as a successful freelancer. Again candidates can apply here under multiple domains given on their websites.


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