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HEC is going to conduct Data Science Workshop

HEC Data Science Workshop

We all know the importance of the data today. In every field of business, education, commerce, even arts etc. We depend upon this world of data and information technology. The main reason for it is that this is the cheapest way to store, use and manipulate it according to the requirements and use.

We are also aware that it is dynamically improving day by day with all its innovations and improvements.

In this regard, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, in collaboration with NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council) is going to conduct The Data Science workshop. It will be conducted at the head office of the HEC (Islamabad) on 18th, 19th, and 20th of the April, and the timings are 9 am to 6pm. This event will include talks and tutorials on Data Science and national and international researchers.

This event is based to give information to the academics and industrial forces of Pakistan.

Registration fees are 15000 (for academics and researchers), 30000 (for industrialists) and 20000 (for startup entrepreneurs) PKR respectively.

For further guidance: visit and check here for event description.



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