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Here is why you should attend Startup Lahore

Startup Lahore is about to land in Lahore at Expo Center and preparations are at full swing. In one of our previous posts we introduced about this event and now here you can see that how this event is going to be a “not-to-miss” ! Startup Lahore is offering three ways you can join this mega event, as a startup idea, as an investor and as a general attendee.

As an attendee

Over 3000 attendees are expected to attend this two days long event, where attendees will have the networking opportunities with investors, speakers, mentors, tech companies, entrepreneurs and other like minded persons. You may not be an investor or a startup, no worries! at Startup Lahore the house of discussions will be open for the general attendees as well. Here goes the list of events going to happen there.

  • Workshop: Rapid Prototyping for User Interfaces | curated by Make-i-stan
  • Session: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | curated by Google
  • Session: Digital Marketing Trends and Growth Hacking 101 | curated by Bramerz
  • Session: Introduction to Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship through Design Thinking | curated by Social Innovation Lab
  • Session: Start Ups, Scale Ups & Spaces: RoadMaps Beyond Incubation | curated by IDG Media
  • Special workshops on Xamarin and Microsoft Bot Framework | curated by Microsoft
  • Pop up Maker Space | Makeistan for a Day

As a Startup

Let’s talk about the main attraction, prize money for the winner is PKR 1 million. And top 100 teams will be offered trainings and mentorship from experts. The only eligibility criteria is, your startup should be Pakistan based. Check here for process details and application submission.

As an Investor

And if you are an investor go straight here and fill up a simple form and get access to the event.

Registrations closing around 20 January, 2017.

Event dates are 26th & 27th Jan, 2017 

Note: All the information provided here about the sessions and workshops being held at Startup Lahore has been collected from the official site of the event. 

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