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Hostel life seems a nightmare and a charm at the same time to fresher

Have you ever been so chaotic in life that you made complete mess of your room and coping with it happily? When It’s hard to distinguish between washed and dirty cloths, hard to find a single similar pair of anything, there are peels and wraps of fruits and eatables scattered around and your room literally appears like a Laundromat, despite all this muddle you have no one to scold or stop you and you are living a life of cheery and relaxed lad? My darlings! then you are right here what is called hostel. I mean honestly what else you expect from a bunch of students residing in the same vicinity without having anyone to watch over and administer? However, apart from this hostel pro attitude and lifestyle youngsters no doubt learn a number of valuable lessons.


Among all the perks, freedom is what makes students taste what life actually feels like. For majority of students it is for the first the time they are living a life of liberty without having anyone to control and they can live through the real life experience.

Self management and discipline

In spite of this utterly blissful freedom offered at hostels, each hostel has defined a number of rules and regulations. Once you are part of hostel life you have preset timetable for everything. Students are bound to sleep, eat, wake up; sport and study at their fixed timings thus making them develop and practice punctuality and self discipline. Even managing one’s own expenses and regular chores makes one prepared for the future domestic life.

Independence and decision making

In hostel you often come across situations where you have to choose among alternatives such as eating out or to go with mess’s boring routine, spend your night studying or chatting about meaningless parables with your roommates or even what to wear on certain casual occasions. All these and numerous such other situations awake the leader within you where you not only make but also standby your decisions unadulterated by any external authority.

Self discovery

One gets to reside with a number of other individuals with varying habits, attitudes, traits, origins and even at times races and religions. There come instances when you or your partners or roomies might be going through different situations like emotional moments, extreme anger, and even extreme freakiness being able to deal with such scenarios help students discover their own traits in such situations and even learn adaptability according to circumstances.

People management

Students living with each other not only learn to cope well with each other but also help each other in hours of need and in times when some tasks require help in this way they learn teamwork, interpersonal traits and people management.

However, no roses come without thrones likewise hostel life has the two faces of a coin although it has dire potential to groom you into a better version of yourself but it can be the other side too. Some students might take wrong advantage of the freedom and get involved with activities like smoking, drinking, and negative influence and might end up repenting in the end. Therefore a positive, balance and controlled approach towards life is very essential. To cut short quoting the words I read somewhere

“Bad food, dumb rules & swarms of mosquitoes are just one part of the story. The memories you take after a stint in hostel – they make it all worthwhile”.





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