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IELTS Preparatory Class Preparatory Classes-IBA Karachi

What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Testing Services is a test that has become compulsory for students that wish to study, work and migrate in countries like UK/US or some other western countries.  It is the best way to test your English language proficiency level. This is one of the highest rated tests and candidates are asked to submit the test results while applying for offices, universities, and visits abroad. Similarly, IELTS preparatory classes are a good way to gain this knowledge.

IELTS Preparatory Classes

Institue of Business Administration (IBA) has opened its way for IELTS preparatory classes. A good way to educate students that are preparing for IELTS test. Classes will take place from 19th of January-20th of February. The course is a complete guideline to undertake the test and provide basic knowledge of English speaking skills. The complete course is worth 13000/- PKR. This course will include CDs, books, mock and grand test. This course will take place between 6:00-9:00 pm.

You can register yourself with the university for the complete course.

For further details visit


Call: (021)-111 422 422, 021-38104700-01

Ext: 1801, 1811 & 1541

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