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International Conference on Professional Development in Higher Education


Education landscape has been rapidly changing across the globe including Pakistan. Teachers need to question their traditional practices and learn more about new practices which enable students to become global and inquiry-minded citizens. Hence, teacher educators, policymakers and reformists need to think the alternative framework of pedagogies for teachers to educate students more effectively. The situation asks for change. Therefore, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, in collaboration with Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi, has planned to organize an international conference to revisit the practices and trends of PD Professional Development) at a national and international level in higher education.

What is the Conference about?

The conference will provide opportunities for educationists, researchers, academia with different experiences to explore a framework for bringing all the segments of education into perfect harmony to one another for enhancing the standards of PD in Pakistan. It may initiate a multi-level dialogue among teacher educators and researchers (both nationally and internationally) for PD of faculty in higher education in Pakistan. Which will transform our classrooms to the places where our students are trained to think, create and search for innovative methods of solving problems.

Submission of Abstract

Abstracts are to be prepared in Microsoft Word format, font size 12 in Times New Roman throughout. Maximum word count of 500 words. Please provide a title for the presentation and indicate which theme it relates to. APA referencing conventions of the current (6th edition) are to be following (American Psychological Association).

All teachers are encouraged to submit the abstract until 10th of February 2018. They will be accepted until 20th of February 2018. The Conference will take place on March 19-20, 2018


For Further Details Contact.

Dr. Malik Ghulam Behlol


Cell. 0323-5067184

Dr. Farhana Khursheed


Ph.  051-9270050-58, ext. 199

Mehwish Jabbar

Ph. 051-90800820

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