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International workshop on Entrepreneurship Innovation & Creativity

Fatima Jinnah University Rawalpindi is launching an International workshop for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. A great opportunity to learn about the matters and to gain advice from professionals at a very low cost. As the world is advancing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are one of the main forums towards which many are progressing. If you’re one of those looking for this fabulous opportunity get in touch with the website and gain more info.

What is the workshop’s objective?

The workshop is aiming to acquire the following objectives.

  • To establish a strong link between University Industries.
  • Provide education and motivation about technology, development, and funds (TDF).
  • To educate about finance in business.
  • To give education about providing your ideas to an investor.

Result of the workshop

The workshop will result in opening new opportunities for jobs, wealth and income. It will also strengthen the bond between university-industry and knowledge of gaining better graduates in future.

Workshop Format

This two-day workshop is a good path to gain insight by International professionals and experts. This workshop will provide sessions by national and international speakers like Prof. Dr. Raquel G. Ramos (Philipines), Mr. Masood Tahir (Islamabad), Prof. Dr. Amran Md. Rasil, Prof. Dr. Kamariah Binte Ismail, and Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Fauzi (Malaysia).

The two-day sessions will educate participants on creativity, entrepreneurial skills, creating linkage, and opportunity identification.

The International workshop will take place on 19-20th of February 2018. The students and faculty members are required to pay 1000/- PKR, while the outsiders are urged to pay 2000/- PKR for registration.

For Further Details  E-mail addresses
Phone:  051- 9292900 Ext # 167


FJWEDC – ORIC, Fatima Jinnah Women University, The Mall, Rawalpindi.

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