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LUMS Admissions-Fall 2018-Extended Dates

All those students that had missed the opportunity of applying at LUMS can avail the chance now. The LUMS management has gladly extended the admission deadline till 30th of January 2018. If you are looking to apply for the sessions of fall-2018 this is the chance. LUMS Admissions-Fall 2018-Extended dates are greatly beneficial for all the candidates. Candidates can apply for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels. You can apply online or reach out to the university.

How to apply?

  1. Choose the degree or program which you will study at the university.
  2. Check whether your eligible for the program or not. (for e.g. your age, your marks etc).
  3. Go through the critical dates and save them.
  4. You can apply online and take the important test.
  5. Submit the forms with the certificate, transcripts, test scores.
  6. Wait for the results.

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