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LUMS hosting a confrence on South Asian Sufism

south asian sufisim confrence at LUMS

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is one of the top universities of Pakistan. It provides its students best education along with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, and holds different national and international events in the best environment.

This time, LUMS is holding a conference on representing South Asian Sufism. Sufism basically is a way to lead an enlightened and spiritual life. Sufism is spreading love and happiness for all humanity and finding God in little perfect attributes of human beings (Wahdat ul Wujood). It has different ways in different parts of the world trying to achieve same objective. South Asian Sufism, has its own color, LUMS is giving opportunity to experience what that color is residing in South Asian region.

Event will be held on 13th April (10 am -4 pm) and 14th April (10 am – 4pm), 2017.

Venue: Suleman Dawood school of Business, LUMS.

The details of the event can be seen here.

It is not limited to the LUMS students, other persons can also be a part of this event, and simply they have to fill a little form here.

For further information, contact:

Mr. Adam Ali




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