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MAWISTA Scholarships for Students Studying Abroad with a Child

There is a whole lot of the students in every country who want to continue their education even having children in other country. They are challenge takers and want to do something to improve their spaces and others. The people who live, or have to live abroad for some reason i.e. earning, living or other purpose among the people whose language is not understandable. MAWISTA stands up for those great people who are living abroad, with children either living single or with spouse.

Handling many things i.e. studies, children, living, child’s care, wear and tear, handling foreign language requires a lot of costs plus high management and organizational skills to stay uniform and consistent. MAWISTA is looking for this ‘special group’ with a child and wants to support till the study ends, higher CGPA or the duration of the study is not the problem in this case.

If someone is perfect for this type of criteria, he will receive an amount of 500 Euro per month. He has to fill a small application form (the application form can be downloaded from the website) and send it to the email (

Selection process

  • Interested ones have the possibility to apply online until 1/1/2018.
  • Five persons will be selected for the scholarships by a jury till 30/1/2018.
  • A winner of five selected finalists will be chosen through public vote starting from 1/02/2018 till 15/2/2018.
  • MAWISTA will provide the scholarships every year.


For more information and application, click here.

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