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Planning a startup? Consider applying at PLANX

Are you an IT genius? Planning to set up your own company but lagging behind due to lack of resources? PLANX is the answer to your struggle. Yes PLANX is the most unique accelerator owned by the Punjab Information Technology Board aims to support and sustain the genuine technology startups in Pakistan. This platform is the 1st Pakistani initiative of its kind where commercially viable technology start ups are not only supported via multiple funding channels like venture capitalists, angel investors but also given aid in the form of mentoring, workshops and global exposure.

By now PLANX has accelerated 27 startups by investing $10,000 on each startup which in turn created employment for at least 400 plus people and also an output of $3 M annually. Some of the major startups include: Smart Devices, MangoBaz, Travly, Plagerism CheckerX, BookMe, MileStone and Smag etc.

PLANX is facilitating the startups by providing assistance in the following terms:

Capital Provision

Assist in directly connecting startups with the potential investors.

Mentoring and Coaching

Provide customized solutions to the unique hurdles encountered by each startup.

Right positioning

Position the startup companies in such a way to maximize output in a highly competitive environment.

Customer acquisition

Design customized market strategies to tap into the right amount of target market to maximize output.

Resource Provision

Provide required resources like working area, legal help and chances for exposure and networking.

Business Development

Conduct regular planning and meetings with startups, in order to aid them in the best possible manner.


Different meet-ups and exchange programs with the partners help them in gaining maximum exposure.


Furthermore, there is a no. of partners who are there to provide mutual assistance to these startups in multiple ways. These include names like NUST, Google, Tie Washington, and Founder institute, School of tomorrow, Tech hub and MIT Technology Review etc.

In order to gain all these facilities you can access them by applying online  where you are required to fill a detailed form about your company. In case of any other query feel free to contact personally via the contact details available on their website.



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