Preparations and arrangements for the upcoming Lahore Science Mela (2017) have gained the necessary momentum and are currently on full swing! In our previously published article Lahore Science Mela 2017, I introduced this event in pretty much detail. So interested readers are suggested to give it a read first.

Currently Lahore Science Mela has broaden up its vista even more! It has attracted more audience, made a handshake with more partners, and officially offered schools to join LSM as well.  So no matter you are a university guy, an intermediate education science geek, a school hero in science or even just another person who is generally attracted towards every day science happening around, LSM awaits there!

Here I must mention the latest updates in the preparations of LSM 2017. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)  has recently partnered as chief organizer of the event along with other two initial chief organizers, which are Ali Institute of Education & Khwarzimi Science Society. LUMS which was previously known as hallmark of business and management studies and, has also become a supremo in science & engineering education.  UET Tribune has joined as media partner. National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) has also presented itself as partner.

New ways of joining offered

Previously LSM was offering to join the event as sponsor, exhibitor and volunteer. Now it has also offered to join as a school and as a partner.

To join as a school, follow here.

To join as a partner, follow here.

To join as sponsor, follow here.

To join as volunteer, follow here.

To join as an exhibitor, follow here.

List of Exhibition

Following exhibitions have been pipelined so far!

RoboKids SmartWorld

An amazing world of robots for kids and students. Some robotic machines will be there to attract the learners of all age groups.

Pakistan Science Club – Science Show

They will be there to make Physics a fun and learning. So if Physics is you passion, get ready!

Water Informatics

LUMS Center for Water Informatics & Technology (WIT) is going to exhibit water issues of Pakistan in their own unique scientific way.

Sir Isaac Newton & Incredible Forces

Get thrilled to have a real experience of forces around! A two hours session will enlighten your brains about these forces around.


eLearn Punjab is coming there to portray their digital learning content. They have pretty smart things to share with you. They will also offer products and CDs at low price.

Higher Dimensional Polytopes

This exhibition is going to win the hearts of those who are interested in the science of dimensions. They are expected to explain dimensions using 3D models of polytopes.

Membrane Synthesis Science Show

A chance to get hands-on experience of membrane synthesis activities.

Wonders of Biotechnology

A team of young scientists will be there to demonstrate their projects related to the emerging field of biotechnology.

Genetic Engineering for Cancer Treatment

A team of scientists is going to demonstrate their work and knowledge for cancer treatment through genetic engineering.

Automatic Weather Station

Pakistan Meteorological Department is going to present  weather sensors. Hope this exhibition will be a unique blend of fun and a learning.

Stay tuned for more on Lahore Science Mela!





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