Privacy Policy

Team NoticeBoard publically announces its transparent terms of Privacy Policy. We promise on respecting privacy, so we hereby describe that how we protect your personal information. We will never have the inclination to sell your information to any outside/third parties ever!

Personal information that may be collected by us

Upon user access at this website, we may require several forms of data e.g. IP address, name, location, browser used to open the site, the time stayed on the site, articles or pages accessed or any other information that is legally allowed to obtain. We, hereby, announce our legal obligation to abide by this regulation. We will not sell, rent, or otherwise release your personal information to outside/third/illegal parties.

Other third party (legal) involvements of NoticeBoard

Our company openly & legally displays third party advertisements for the sake of company’s budget policies. Such advertising parties may collect & use some of your information (e.g. your name, IP, browsing habits, email ID etc. but none of these will be disclosed by them or by us illegally. They only require it to be able to give you meaningful advertisements for goods and/or services that could be of interest to you in order to optimize the overall advertisement channel.

Contact us in case you have concerns regarding privacy policy

In case any of our audience/user feels any concerns regarding privacy policy or is generally interested in getting involved in a discussion on this matter, we can be reached at with the subject “Privacy Policy Concern“.

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