PUCIT is hosting SoftExpo17, one of the biggest events of IT in Pakistan


As we all have a sound idea that IT industry is one of the most emerging industries among others. It yields new innovations in months and weeks which make the gaps in the market; these gaps generate new “the million dollar” ideas which are full of fun and learning.

Soft Expo is the name of an event which is held in PUCIT (Punjab University College of Information Technology) , University of the Punjab, Lahore (Allama Iqbal campus). This event provides a great opportunity for the students, researchers, professionals and industrialists to have new innovations through technology, fun, and ideas.

Various parts that make soft expo more interesting are software exhibition, teamwork challenges, interesting brain tests and games etc.

There are six categories of the events:

·         Software exhibition

·         Graduate research conference

·         Clash of coders

·         Scavenger Hunt

·         Game con

·         Code Bot

If you have a great idea and you want the world get known by what you’ve got!  Just hit on to https://pucit.acm.org/softexpo/ and let the world get enlighten by your fire. Just register in any one of the six and let yourself in the world of learning.

Big companies like HBL, OZI Technology, WebTex Solutions, QC Technologies etc. will also be sponsoring this, so students will have a great opportunity to have direct interact plus they can be a good doorway to the market.


13th and 14th May 2017.

For Further Details

For further details and questions please visit the official website and reach official contacts.



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