It may sound ideal to have a graduation degree with your desired major and the field you want to pursue your career in but once you step out of your college you realize the world out there is too tough and competitive to fetch even a simple entry level job. By the time graduates realize it becomes pretty late and then it almost takes another year to get prepared for an entry level job.

The best approach to cope with this issue is to play pro active in a world where majority of students just go with the normal university flow you can standout and take advantage of the current situation by working on the skills which I have enlisted can easily be developed during university life.

Develop an attitude of doing your best

This habit of yours will not only give you an edge during your university tenure but also once developed it‘ll lead you to excel in your career faster than ever.

Take full advantage of your college life

Class participation: though it doesn’t sound brainy but when you think of what you usually do in class? Presentations, group work, adding valuable ideas to class conversations and solving problems encountered during projects, are the very things you’ll do in real life in your career and classroom is the best opportunity to practice these attributes.

Attend seminars and workshops: to many it sounds boring but believe me this is the platform from where you’ll get the best guidelines for your career progression and professional grooming. It’s a cost free opportunity to network with real time professionals, speakers and mentors.

Find a mentor/be a mentor

This would not only develop your most desired leadership skills but also you’ll get chances to enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence.

Be active with career office

Almost every university has career counselors to help students with any problem they encounter. Visit career offices most often and stay updated with all upcoming internships and jobs and be active in applying.  Rejection during student life will help you identify the causes and with the help of career experts you’ll be able to work on your deficiencies.

Take advantage of time off: volunteering and interning

The best utilization for your free time like semester breaks ad vacations should be internships and volunteer ships which you can be earned through career offices or by directly applying through the respective organizations websites. Even if you are unable to get a paid one, volunteer at a charity or community center to get yourself some experience which would be worthwhile to add value to your CV. Another important source is the social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn where thousands of jobs are posted each day in job groups. Keep a regular check on them and apply accordingly.

Search out free and low cost online short courses

There are a hundreds of online courses and sources available from where students can constantly get guidelines and latest insights upon what are the requirements to excel in their respective career. Some of them include Udemy, TedTalk, and Harvard Business Review.

Enhance your I.T skill pool

IT skills are the most demanded success factors these days. In order to have edge over others try to earn short diplomas and courses in IT. Initially strive to work on your MS Office skills which are the most essential part of any JD. For this purpose free Google and YouTube tutorials are the best sources available online. Moreover there are a number of free and low cost diplomas available online in multiple domains to enhance your IT Skills.




Sameen explores educational & career opportunities for Pakistani youth. She is a career mentor by hobby.

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