China is opening door to Pakistanis for Talented Young Scientist Program

Talented Young Scientist Program (TYSP) invites scientists, scholars and researchers from Afro-Asian countries to work in Chinese research institutes, universities or enterprises. TYSP aims to improve and promote a collaborative research and development culture in the region. Ministry of Science & Technology Pakistan endorses applications of Pakistani applicants for TYSP.

Perks of Joining TYSP

  • Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST hereinafter) will provide each scientist with RMB ¥12500 per month for accommodation, insurance and other living expenditure during the program.
  • For now there’s no deadline. Scientists can apply at any time.
  • You can seek job/fellowship according to your research/work interests. For this you will be hunting for openings here under TYSP terms and conditions.


  • Five years of research experience or with a doctoral degree.
  • Fluency in English or Chinese.
  • Undertake to comply with laws, regulations and other related rules in China.
  • Full-time job in domestic country.

Application Process

Detailed application process is available here. Letter of consent, application form and recommendation form can be downloaded here.

For Further Details

For further details and questions please visit the official website and reach official contacts.



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