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Huge Opportunity to get Certificates and Training in Two Days Workshop and Conference on Oracle Primavera P6

Workshop and Symposium on Oracle Primavera P6.

Since last year University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICT) are working hard to give better learning opportunities to students. These opportunities include many short courses due to which students are obtaining new strengths and capabilities that help them in enhancing their skills. Moreover, these workshops are a fair chance for these students who are looking forward to gain an understanding of software that makes the core of any program. Both the organizers are organizing a similar two-day workshop on Oracle Primavera P6-Symposium.

What is Oracle Primavera P6?

Oracle Primavera P6 refers to a program that is used in project management. This is a software that helps in managing high-quality projects. It has the quality to handle highly sophisticated and highly multifaceted projects easily. You can easily build a team and handle your high-quality projects within Primavera.

The Two Day Workshop and Symposium

The two days workshop and conference are bringing forward great learning opportunities for students interested in it. This two-day workshop is a great way of understanding the whole process of using the software from a professional trainer. This workshop will help you understand the process of project management and working with a competent team lead. It will help you in understanding the activities, budget planning, planning, scheduling etc.

Not only this but the conference will educate students on taking Graduate Record Examinations (GRE Test) and how to avail opportunities in studying abroad? The whole workshop is organized to help students in understanding the technicalities of Oracle Primavera P6 and the requirements in studying abroad.

The organizers have willingly called upon competent professional to take in the task of educating students and preparing them for working with quality firms. Participants will receive certificates at the end of the workshop.

The Workshop will certainly take place on 21st-22nd of November 2017 in UET Lahore.

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