NOTICEBOARD is a team of dedicated persons who are busy in providing you a knowledgeable coverage of what is happening around at the universities of Pakistan.

What We Do

At NOTICEBOARD we aim to serve the higher education community of Pakistan by providing them a wide coverage of news related to all renowned Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan at a single platform. displays information about admissions, scholarships, competitions, career fairs, educational exhibitions, university & inter-university competitions, study abroad news and much more!!

And even more is on the way!!

About You & Us

Now you may be wondering that, “mmm….do we need each other, then?

So here is the answer, if you are a college/university student, teacher, educationist, socio-academic geek or any common person having interest in looking inside the higher education sector of Pakistan, surely, we and you share a strong bond..!!

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So keep noticing!


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