Are you Feeling hopeless after unsuccessful MCAT attempt? you are not alone. There are at least 41,600 other students on the same trail. MCAT is a standard test designed especially for students planning to pursue medical as their profession; however there are only 3400 seats in the medical colleges of Punjab while there are 45000 potential applicants against these seats. As a result each year Punjab is left with approximately 42,000 failures, which wouldn’t be called failures if they are aware of what other options they can utilize in order to proceed with their career ahead.

There are multiple approaches that can be taken to progress in ones professional career. As the foremost perspective the skills you have got hands on while you’re acquiring 12 years of education up till your F.Sc pre-medical/A Levels, include communication, problem solving, pressure handling and decision making are highly supportive to a variety of professions such scientific, technological, managerial and financial rolls.

Some of the mainstream areas that are still open and relevant for medical students include the Defense Medical Services, Expedition Medicine, Civil Services, Medical Education, Medical Communications and Journalism, Medical Research, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Prison Health Services and NHS Management. Under these areas there are numerous programs, degrees/diplomas and competitive exams that can be taken as the next option. More details of these options can easily be obtained online on various websites.

Moreover, some of the subsequent and obvious programs which might be opted are:


The 4 years bachelor’s degree of nursing is designed to support the profession of medical in multiple ways. This involves another entrance exam for nursing

B.Sc Biotech/ Genetic Engineering

Biotechnology is a 4 year program and comprises a combination of Biology and Technology to improve and alter genes in multiple ways.

BE in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is the 4 year program which includes an amalgamation of environmental sciences and engineering principles to come up with more improved ways to maintain and preserve the ecosystem.

B.Sc Operation Theatres

Bachelor in Science is another 3 years Degree in Operation Theatre Technology which comes under this category.


Optometry is a healthcare program which implies dealing with eyes and relevant systems such as vision etc, structures and information processing in human beings.


Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4 year undergraduate degree which can be opted by the students willing to study about drugs, pharmaceutical engineering, and medical chemistry.


Radiography is a paramedical course, which implicates diagnostic tests using radiations. It involves dealing with ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan, and MRI, etc.


Physiotherapy is a course designed to assist patients who are dealing with physical challenges which might occur due to some illness, injury, aging or disability because of any reason.

Sanitary Inspection

This is a training program for students planning to join Food and Drugs Administration, Health and Sanitation departments of District Councils, Municipal Bodies, Railways, Hotels, and Airports etc.

Apart from the above mentioned specific options there are various alternatives available some of which are Hematologist, Speech Therapist, Anesthesiologist, Medical Laboratory Technician and B.O.T Occupational Therapist. Once you know the other pathways you no longer need to compromise on your career progression and can chose any option that might suit you.


Sameen explores educational & career opportunities for Pakistani youth. She is a career mentor by hobby.

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