Annual Scholarship at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Annual Scholarships at KSA

It is becoming obligatory nowadays that students wish to study abroad. Although our country is improving its educational standards yet they need more time to reach the level of excellence. Scholarships are the easiest way to pursue your dreams abroad. Every year the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opens its gate for these students. These scholarships are for the students that have excelled in their academic record and wish to continue their studies abroad.

Why study in KSA?

The country opens up its gate for approximately 165 countries of students every year. The KSA awards scholarships from undergraduate to Doctorate levels annually. Additionally, these universities are well versed in the scientific and research departments. The Saudi Arabian universities rank in the topmost universities of the world. These universities have excellent academic research centers and improved quality of facilities for this students.


The application process for the scholarships is same as that in Higher Education sector. The applicant can visit the university in which he/she desires admission and apply for it. For further details, applicants can visit the website of Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM).

Benefits of studying at KSA universities

The KSA offers a list of benefits for the students that wish to apply for the scholarships.

  • Healthcare for and your family living in Saudi Arabia.
  • Accommodations.
  • Travel tickets per year.
  • Financial support.
  • Similar benefits as enjoyed by the residents, etc.


The subjects offered at the universities are open to apply. A student wishing to study any particular subject can look into the following universities.

For Further Details

For further details and questions please visit the official website and reach official contacts.



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