A nation can be identified from its cultural heritage i.e. history, living styles, values, traditions, festivals, etc. But this is not all. “Culture comprises of two components. The one is tangible which includes physical items i.e. infrastructure, historical places, buildings, monuments, etc. The other component is intangible heritage i.e. social values, traditions, languages, festivals, etc.”

Cultural Heritage – The case of Pakistan

Pakistan is enriched with cultural heritage which goes back to the prehistoric times (the BCs), and international organizations such as UNESCO, etc. admire this fact. Since many different civilizations have lived here so the Cultural heritage of Pakistan can be taken as a mixture of different civilizations e.g. Indus, Gandhara, Islam, etc. but after the independence of Pakistan in 1947, Islamic traditions are enriched in its culture.

Pakistan Vision 2025 – Importance of Cultural Heritage

Recently, The Planning Commission of Pakistan has released The Pakistan Vision 2025 with a motto of taking steps to properly promote and propagate the cultural heritage of Pakistan in front of the World. It is considered as a tool for developing the country in various aspects.

In this regard, an international conference is going to be organized by several national and international stakeholders with the co-operation of HEC, UNESCO, Walled City of Lahore, etc. to enhance the awareness on archaeology and cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Objectives of the Conference

The objectives being cited are the creation of urgency among audience regarding taking initiatives to protect and promote the Archaeology and cultural heritage of Pakistan, making them feel proud in their own culture as Pakistanis plus in the closing sessions of the conference some stakeholders giving valuable recommendations to the government for further following-up as input for the country’s cultural policy.

The conference is also expecting the audience to have a positive approach towards this renewed national narrative so that people propagate Pakistani culture and by bringing tourism Pakistan will not only make social but economic development as well.


20th to 22nd October, 2017.


Alhamra Arts Council, Mall Campus, Lahore

For Further Details

Higher Education Commission, Sector H-9, Islamabad.

Phone. +92 51 90408039.

Fax. +92 51 90808041.

Email. icahp@hec.gov.pk.

For further details and questions please visit the official website and reach official contacts.



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