The most critical and stressful stage students embark upon after completing their intermediate is the choice of major for graduation program. There are multiple factors involved which together control ones choice of a major. There are no hard and fast rules that might be applied to calculate feasibility of any program however, some considerations can be kept in mind to make an optimum decision.  Students will find hundreds even thousands of programs and colleges to choose from so there you stand bewildered weather you go for reputation? Output?  Scope? Trend? Financial terms?  Although none of these can be the perfect determinant of your choice but these are the steps you can follow in order to make best possible decision.

Begin with the end in mind

The sole purpose behind graduation is to obscure expertise in any specialized nature of skill and competence. You carefully need to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, inborn abilities, aptitude and passion. Just ask this question to yourself what area do you want to specialize in? What are your goals in life? What is it you have dreamed of every day? To assist you further with this task there are a number of aptitude tests and quizzes available online which you can take in order to judge your aptitude better. In short if you are lucky enough to know your aptitude and/or goal in life you have found the best determinant for your choice.

The myth of best grad school program

Most students will base their decisions on the most irrelevant aspects such as reputation of a particular university, geographical location or overall ranking.

The fact is most students will believe any program or university to the best without realizing that for most programs and universities there is no such thing as best. This definition of best would be entirely based on student’s goal and the ability of that particular department and faculty‘s strength to develop the particular expertise.

Pre visit universities

Apart from getting on the internet research do not forget to approach faculty members and career counselors at the university or a particular department you are planning to apply. Try to pre visit 2 or 3 professors or counselors from different universities to get the best advice.

Consider your funding package

Your finance is again one of the most significant elements that will define your final decision. So while calculating your cost for degree do not forget to include the cost of travelling, accommodation and any other investments involved for your projects and assignments.

Concluding my words although no exact formula can be driven to decide upon ones choice for grad program but the above criteria and thorough research and discussions can help you make smart choice in line with that of your interest and goals. Do go through the steps above and do not compromise on your dreams due to any of the tiny and timely factors.






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