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Are you looking for your first job after graduation, but bewildered what to write in your CV as lack of experience might leave your CV rejected? If you haven’t fetched real time experience then it seems obvious that you have nothing much to include in your CV however, when a CV is crafted using a right amalgam of information, enthusiasm, research, professionalism and acquired skills then you shouldn’t have anything to lose sleep about. Here I have enlisted a few helpful sources and tips that will assist you get started with your initial job hunt process.

Carry out a thorough research and follow the steps stated. However some helpful sources can be LinkedIn where you can set up your first profile. Others are,, and CV builder which provide initial help. Some sample CV templates available online can also be of great assistance.

Personal Portfolio

Always begin your CV with a real-time and practical personal statement. You might have to make some alterations or rewrite a new one when applying for a new job. Whenever you are writing a statement try to concisely answer the questions, who are you? What are you aiming at in life? And what do you have to offer to the company you are applying at in terms of soft skills etc.?

Soft Skills

Though you think you don’t have much to mention in your CV but this section might give a good idea about the personality you developed during your student life. In this section include any soft skills like IT skills, any particular software used during any project, time management and team management, communication skills, Public speaking and interpersonal skills, and even friendly and cooperative demeanor can be a good example. However, avoid being too generic and make sure you always have some examples ready by your side to back up each skill.


This section should begin with Matriculation/ GCSC level onwards. Statement of an overall grade is optional, unless required or the grade is good enough to leave good impact. Write all degrees in reverse chronological order being the most recent one at the top.

Hobbies and interests

Although this section is optional but can be a good idea to get your personality portrayed. Now some are even feeling blunt on their hobbies. Don’t you feel like you don’t have any? Don’t worry it’s never too late. Try setting up a blog or a Pinterest board for instance if you plan to join health industry you can work on health blog and include in your profile. Again avoid being too generic like socializing and listening to music etc which might not help at all.

Professional experience

Now this one seems a bit tricky especially when you haven’t previously worked in any domain.  Try mentioning any role played by you such as any team lead during any social activity, any volunteer activity, and event managed by you or alternatively take this section as the opportunity to be pro active to volunteer for organizations like an NGO or fetch an unpaid internship which can turn out to be of great help.


Having some credible references ready at your disposal is essential however; try not to mention them unless asked. Better write statement to be provided upon request.

Last but not the least stay honest throughout your CV. Mentioning even a smallest fake or copied skill can get you caught during your interview so make sure to keep things as simple and honest as possible. Also cross check your CV by going through do’s and don’ts of CV writing repeatedly to make it as effective as possible.


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