Entrance Test for admission to the Medical & Dental Institutions of the Punjab which is commonly known as MCAT is going to be held this year on 28, August at 9 AM. This test enjoys the status of a battle among the students of Pre-Medical (F.Sc) for gaining admission in MBBS and BDS programs across Punjab, Pakistan. Test is conducted annually by University of Health Sciences Lahore, Punjab. This year test is being held simultaneously in 13 cities of Northern, Southern and Central Punjab. Let’s first recall some important highlights about this test.

Test Duration

150 Minutes (2.5 Hours).

Preparation Tips

There is a lot of MCAT preparation stuff out there, right! No matter, which academy you joined or which kind of stuff you have gone through, keeping the following tips on your fingertips is surely going to help you out throughout this MCAT journey. Well, there are a few days left behind and at this time reading this article is going to keep these tips fresh in your mind at test time as well.

Beat the Negative Marking

Yes, its crucial. Remember, you are NOT supposed to answer every question out of the 220 MCQs!! Never mark all of them in first go. For each correct answer you gain 5 marks and for every incorrect you loose 1 mark. So actually keep this math in mind, when you leave it unmarked, you are 5 points behind your fellows (relatively) and when you mark it wrong, you are 6 points behind your fellow candidates. So the key idea is to leave those MCQs unmarked which are making no sense to you.

Keep Track of Time

I must stay that time is the second ghost of MCAT, Negative is the first. 220 MCQs and 150 Minutes! Let’s do the mathematics of time now which means you have got roughly 40 seconds to solve each question. Circle filling will take roughly 5-10 seconds which means you have to almost 30 seconds to decide the best option from among the available options of a single MCQ. This is also true that there may be some questions which can be solved in less than 10 seconds, which will save our all time but even then a fair advice is not to spend more than 40 seconds in first go! Keep the margin of a second go for the MCQs who require a little more of your brains..

Highlight in three or two colors

This tip is a copied from our other post about Tips on ECAT Preparation, as its the same for both.

This technique worked for many students! Its actual a revision tool. Take two or three highlighters. Only you know what areas are your weak point as revision point. Now you may even further classify them in two to three levels with the help of two to three colors. Say, for example one may categorize like following

  • The very last day/moment points.( Red)
  • Very important points and I need to revise them badly.(Yellow)
  • Important points and I need to a look at them less likely.(Green)

You may have a customized classification of your own and colors are a matter of choice. So you may tune this tool according to your needs. But once you have marked your textbooks in such a way, you will enjoy your revision time, specially last day revision time a lot. And don’t bother about the look of your books, be confident that you wont have to reuse them.

Take control of your nerves

Though I have written before about this in my article on ECAT Preparation, but here it needs more attention, first because the time per MCQ is more crucial in MCAT as compared to ECAT, secondly MCAT is more longer in duration which means you have to control nerves for longer period of time which is more challenging. But let’s keep in mind the key to take this challenge. Take some precautions to avoid any disturbed nerves which includes reaching test center on time, finding your place on time and correct filling of Roll Number Circles. Don’t spoil your nerves and time on questions which are making no sense to you. As tensed nerves can affect your performance on those questions which are at your finger tips. Consider deep breathing three to four times during test.

Take your best subject first

Taking your best subject first can help in several ways. So go to the section you feel you are best prepared for. This may add up to the over all confidence and can also be the good tip for time saving.

I would like turn your attention towards these beautiful words of Winston Churchill

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.

Weightage Formula

Matriculation or Equivalent            10%

F.Sc or Equivalent                              50%

MCAT                                                     50%

MCAT Sections Weightage / Subject Weightage

Biology                    88 MCQs

Chemistry               58 MCQs

Physics                    44 MCQs

English                    30 MCQs

Your queries and comments are welcome.

Best Luck MCAT soldiers!

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