Whether you are fresh graduate, a graduate-to-be or a working professional, the idea of doing a side business as a back up in todays unstable job market hovers over the mind of many of us!. Moreover, no matter how much money you are making by your salary package, the idea of running a business of your own or doing a work at your own thrills you up. If being self-employed is one of your goals in life, any of the following ideas might help you take a kick start.

Well, hold on, choosing this path of entrepreneurship isn’t a skip from a hard day routine life for earning, it requires way more sacrifices than a straight 9-5 job with a reasonable salary must gained every 30-31 days! There is no shortcut to earning well enough!

Commission-Only Freelance Sales

Many startups of present era require part-time and commission-only salespeople, especially when they’ve just landed in the market and are on way to get fully established. You will also be able to make this a home based business idea. Check opportunities in this regard here.

You can also discuss this track with a mentor, or can make searches about it on the internet.

Teach Online

If you are good at anything, you can build an audience online and make it happened by sparing few hours a day or week. There are many websites making it possible with providing a platform where both teachers and students can meet. For example, check Teachbale & Udemy .

Start Earning with your Instagram Account

Sounds strange? it is happening around, just build up a following at Instagram, and you will be reached by brands, companies and other relevant bodies. After getting brand sponsorships you can earn a lot!

Be a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant can bring you a lot of money if you are good at any sort of administrative and management related tasks e.g. email handling, calendar management, event scheduling, customer service support, document review, proof reading etc. I have enlisted a few tasks, check out a variety of them and have a look at some virtual assistant profiles here.

Be an article/content writer

You can start it any time, do it anywhere, anytime! You need just good writing skills and a passion for earing through writing. There are almost endless opportunities for a freelance writer these days. And you can do it in the field you want to do e.g. technical content, food, health, life style, fashion to name a few!

Make your YouTube account earn you money

Yes, there are people earning a lot through this!! create video content on any value-driven and audience-gaining theme and grow your subscriber base to a few thousand subscribers, your videos can start generating pretty substantial income from all the ads being displayed on your videos.

Content Manger/ Optimizer

There is a technique called search engine optimization (SEO), which is required by almost all businesses for their web presence. Because it helps them gain more traffic online. If you have a little bit know-how of it you can start earning good in no days. And if you have no know-how on it, you can learn it online in very few days. It is again, an all time, any time, any where good earing idea with a lot of money making opportunities alongside your 9-5 job.

You see internet and technologies of present century are continuously bringing us new ways of earning. I have enlisted very few, but those which can be started in no time. If you are having any side-business idea in general for all kinds of university graduates, graduates-to-be or working professionals, share in comments. I would like to listen up from my audience!

Good Luck!


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