Trend of online shopping was already prevailing in Pakistan in the past few years, and in the recent past whole world including Pakistan has witnessed a major shift of shopping trend from traditional markets  to online marketplaces due to spread of COVID-19. Shoppingum is a real-time online shopping search engine, designed to make your online shopping experience easy and timeless.

What is shopping search engine?

You might be wondering that while we have few mighty search engines e.g. Google, Bing, who do the search job pretty nicely, then why we need a separate search engine to get information related to online shopping? Here comes the answer! Shoppinghum has over 3.2 million products from various online stores in Pakistan, and uses advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to live track millions of products that are available on almost all the authentic online stores of Pakistan.

When it comes to shopping from on ground stores and markets, majority of buyers do compare prices and features of products before making the final decision, they do so by actually visiting various relevant shops in the market. Shoppingum does the same for you and that too in a real-time, which means you get latest prices and comparisons.

What else shoppingum does?

Shoppingum is smart while comparing prices, it has been developed with advanced algorithms for advanced real-time search operations. Whenever the user searches the product on the website, a live product list is fetched from all online stores of Pakistan. This not only brings the latest results but also with required and desirable price and features live comparisons. Website also provides latest information about the stock and delivery of the product.

Fashionista by Shoppingum

Shoppingum has added another cool feature to their real-time online shopping search engine, by adding Fashionista to it, where you can search latest real-time products in the category of stitched and unstitched clothing. Where you can fetch latest live results with comparison features and sorted according to price.

How this all happens

When you search your intended product at Shoppingum, it will start tracking your product live on more than 200 online shopping stores of Pakistan, including Daraz, Yayvo, Lootlo, Goto and all others, and will display best results to your screens, with live updated information on pricing, and present you an option to see for yourself about which website you are getting it at most reasonable rates. Shoppingum also displays the location of stores to make it easy for you to decide where your product will reach you sooner.

Brains behind this amazing online shopping search engine

Two GIKI graduates Syed Ali Abbas Haider and Bilal Jamil are the brains behind this first online shopping search engine of Pakistan. GIKI in partnership with provincial government, has established a start-up incubator, The Catalyst GIK Incubator. This incubator helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals by turning their idea into product. Shoppingum was incubated there in the batch of The Catalyst GIKI incubator.


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