Qatar University Scholarship Program 2017 – A Great Opportunity for International Students to Study in Qatar

Qatar University is one of the most recognized university which opens its gates for the world to come and enjoy the hostage of Qatar as a student based on its scholarship program.

Qatar University offers different types of scholarships on merit, scholarly and non-scholar basis. They cover the cost of tuition fee, with additional benefits like free premium hostel accommodation, transportation and a yearly free air ticket to the homeland country.

Categories of Scholarships

There are three main categories of scholarships that Qatar University is offering, they include;

  • Competitive scholarships
  • Non-Competitive scholarships
  • Other scholarships

These categories lead to a number of scholarships, details of which can be viewed here.


These scholarships are for the students having first bachelors program or who have transferred their admissions from other institution to Qatar University. All those students who are studying their second bachelors, or dropped from semester, or have dropped their one or more subjects are not eligible for the scholarship. Moreover, this attitude can arise a penalty on them.

Application Process

To apply for a scholarship, there are two scenarios. Either you have already an account with Qatar University or you are new to register with Qatar University database.

Enrolled students may apply for a scholarship through their myQU Portal account. Login using their ‘QUID’ and password.

If someone new, interested in availing this beautiful opportunity through the admission application system here. After creating a new user account at the admission application, one will use the login id and password to log into the system in order to apply for admission application and scholarship application.

For detailed view, simply visit at this link and follow the steps as recommended by Qatar University.

Important dates

Sunday, 15 October, 2017. Start of submitting the required scholarship applications along with the necessary documents for new applicants and current Qatar University students.

Tuesday, 7th November, 2017. Last date to submit all the applications.

Thursday, 9th November, 2017. Last date to submit all the required documents necessary to avail the scholarships, plus end of online exemption request from the registered hours condition for maintaining the scholarship.

There is a list of some important definitions, anyone who is going to avail this opportunity must thoroughly read and understand them so that he may not get any difficulty after availing the opportunity.

The terms and conditions can be checked and understood in detail on this link.

For Further Details

Feel free to contact Qatar University management on the following numbers.

For further details and questions please visit the official website and reach official contacts.



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